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1.Bleeding The Fifth

2.Leave (Nash/Foster)
Just the same old song.One day you're up,next she's gone..and the nights,they can tend to drag on and on.I can't make you stay (go on and leave me).Just get up and walk away.I've been down this road before.As I pick myself up off the floor.Another place in time.I was yours,you were mine.Now you slip out the door without even crying.Just more wasted years.Now there's no time for tears.I can finally look myself in the mirror.I can't make you stay.Just get up and walk away.I've heard all these lines before.As I scrape myself up off the floor...And if you think you'll find something out there,good luck.You'll never find another one of these anywhere.Now here we stand.The gold dust we held's turned to sand.Seems I didn't fit into your master plan.

3.No More (Nash)
No more to dance when I follow your lead.No more to see me through my times of need.No more opinions, which shirt I should wear.No more scanning crowds to see if you're there.No more love,No more desire.No more the embers that fade in the fire.No more,no more.No more to reach for my share of the sheets.No more dark secrets in this bed to keep.No more advice on the moves I should make.No more to hold down your legs as they quake.No more to drift as you kiss me to sleep.No more to calm when emotions run deep.No more along the warm sand will we walk.No more will my ears hear sweet babytalk.No more love,No more desire.No more sweet dreams in this life to acquire.You don't seem to miss me much at all anymore.You won't have to take my anxious calls anymore.No more to kiss me as I start my day.No more to miss me from miles away.No more love,no more desire.No more,No more.

4.Lady Cop (Nash)
Get your tight white gloves on and shine your boots.Fasten your belt and your buttons on the dark blue suit.We got a good thing going,I do what she tells me to do.The lights in my rear view flashing from white to red to blue.Love my lady cop,cuff me down and climb on top.Love my lady cop,pull the trigger,make me pop.Rip off your hat and mirrors.Engaged in hot pursuit.Level my chin with your night stick.Try not to leave another bruise.She knows she's the boss here in this little game that we play.Addicted to her sweet,kinky,police brutality.Lovely lady cop.

5.Saturn Falling (Nash)..instrumental

6.Don't Tear Me Up (Jagger)
..duet with Julie Delfs..(look 'em up :)

7.Grace abandoned (Nash)..drum solo,with Brian Melick

8.Still..(I remember) (Nash)
I remember everything,the soul you saved,the way you screamed my name.Mesmerized I held your hand in mine and we climbed into the night.Ordinary,average days,they disappear.No more my waiting in vain,you were right here.Still,I remember.Dreams flash like magazine pages with you on all the covers.The nights pass, I lie alone.Absence and cold makes me shudder,pulls me under.Closing my eyes,I see every single detail of your face.Finally realize where I belong and my place.Cursed with my photographic memory.Instant recall's haunting energy.Still,I remember.I can remember it all.The still shots of you and I circle my head.Climbing the walls,brave the fall.We sat on the roof, watched the night sky explode.Sips of wine,I serenade you.Smouldering glances.In love with your mind.We'll be alone again tonight as soon as I lay back and close my eyes.Still,I remember.

9.My Resurrection (Nash)
This my resurrection.Metamorphosis.Out of darkness shines the light.You couldn't wrap your head around the real thing.Broken shell of a woman hangs by puppet strings.Tears will flow but they won't even leave your eyes.My heart withers and rots from all your cruel lies.I Rise.Replacing me,as you've found is out of the question.Now you live in perpetual belief suspension.Bells and whistles won't work to reclaim your pride.You heard wrong when they came and told you I'd died.I Rise.This my resurrection,Metamorphosis.From the ashes rise again.Now the beauty of my life lays in front of me.I've outstretched my arms and found serenity.I'll fly free while you're still living under his thumb.You've got a front row seat to MY RESURRECTION!